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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we participate in Healthy Start?
Think of it as a kind of “insurance policy” after all the time and energy spent in the call process. Good partnerships and goal achievement don’t just happen by themselves.

We have never had any severe conflict. How would Healthy Start help us?
Wonderful! Healthy Start will save considerable amounts of time and energy as you clarify your goals and expectations, and it will help you to build quickly on the important work of the Search Committee.

Can’t we do this for ourselves?
An expert facilitator has a unique perspective on the congregation and its leaders, and can raise any difficult issues in a positive way.

Is there a cost involved?
Yes — there is an investment for Healthy Start. Congregations are often able to set aside funds during the time between permanent pastors. Denominational assistance is sometimes available.

How will we find time for Healthy Start?
The important task of getting acquainted and setting goals should always happen in any congregation, and it always takes time!

What if we have a staff team?
Healthy Start offers a parallel process for the staff team itself.

What should we do next?
Call 866-248-3256 (toll free) for further information about process, cost and scheduling. Or email