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The Benefits

  • Congregational leadership is rooted and grounded in prayer and faith. This provides a solid foundation for everything pastor and people do together.
  • The important work in the search committee’s self-study is forwarded to congregational leadership for ACTION. The search committee usually spends many hours developing a self-study, yet this important research easily gets lost in the transition. Healthy Start makes sure this profile is put to good use.
  • Healthy patterns and practices are nurtured in communication, collaboration, partnership, and consensus-building. The seeds that are sown beginning at the first retreat will grow and bear fruit for years to come.
  • Misunderstandings resulting from unclear expectations are prevented. Tensions always occur in any congregation. Highly functioning congregations know how to make good use of tension. Healthy Start gives leaders the tools both to prevent unnecessary tensions and also to work productively with necessary difficulties.
  • Goals are established and measured periodically. Healthy Start assists leaders in setting goals together. The process also prevents congregational leaders from establishing goals and then forgetting about them.
  • Possible conflicts are precluded and re-directed by an “early warning system.” If tensions start to become an issue Healthy Start identifies them early on – at a time when it’s easy to get back on the right track together.
  • Congregational leadership is intentionally united in its ministry and mission. Everyone knows where they’re going, and how they’re progressing in getting there.
  • Solid connections with the larger church are established. The congregation finds new resources for giving and getting ideas.