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About Healthy Start and New Beginnings Consulting

Rev. Dale Sollom-Brotherton
Dale Sollom-Brotherton has over 25 years of experience managing and consulting to large and small organizations, mostly in religious organizations. Having served as senior minister in three different congregations has given Dale the first-hand knowledge so essential to success in the unique environment of religious institutions. He uses his analytical and creative skills to implement custom-designed solutions for complex organizational and interpersonal problems. Dale specializes in conflict management, team building, and future planning, bringing particular expertise in leadership coaching, alternative dispute resolution, group problem-solving and interpersonal skill development. He has worked with churches in a wide variety of denominations. Other clients served by Dale have been in the areas of construction supply, social service, engineering, software development, education, public recreation, public health, and private health care. In all these diverse settings he works to turn groups with problems into highly performing and profitable teams, with energetic focus and direction. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (with honors) from the University of California at Santa Cruz, a Master's in Divinity from Luther Theological Seminary, St. Paul, Minnesota, and has completed coursework for a M.A. in Organizational Psychology from John F. Kennedy University in Orinda, California.

How Healthy Start began…
Rev. Dale Sollom-Brotherton, founder of New Beginnings Consulting, has spent over 10 years helping congregations in conflict. He has identified patterns which, if addressed early, not only prevent destructive conflict, but actually re-direct the energy in these tensions towards positive results.
Dale has found that one of the most frequent causes of destructive tension in congregations is unclear mutual expectations between pastor and lay leadership and, consequently, the absence of an effective way to monitor and enhance the quality of this partnership. Research has discovered that the seeds of destructive conflict are usually sown in the first years of a pastorate, the same time when expectations are high and feelings are positive.

The best thing to do, Dale has realized, is to clarify these mutual expectations — as early as possible — and take advantage of the excitement and energy that comes with a new chapter in a congregation’s life. This early involvement not only clears up any potential misunderstandings and mistaken assumptions; it also provides a way to build on this natural excitement to identify and achieve goals that are mutually established.

Dale has personally trained and directly supervises a group of highly effective facilitators for Healthy Start. He is always available if there are questions or concerns throughout the Healthy Start process.